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5 Reasons to Visit Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World holds a very special place in my heart. I grew up visiting there as a child on a regular basis and have created many amazing memories along the way! Disney is what led me to do what I do today! I get to plan other families’ magical vacations and ensure that every detail of their trip is thought out and accounted for.

Some people ask me why in the world my family goes to Disney World each and every year! With thousands of destinations all over the world to choose from, I want to share with you why we keep going back!

1- The People- If you have ever visited Disney, you know exactly what I am referring to. The cast members truly go out of the way to make sure that your time spent on property is completely magical. You can also tell that they really love their job and are so excited to work! I have very rarely asked something of a cast member and had them tell me ‘no’. They will work as hard as they possibly can to ensure that you are taken care of.

2- The Entertainment- There is no one, and I mean NO one that provides the quality of entertainment that Disney does. Every detail is thought out in such an amazing fashion. From nighttime spectaculars, to parades, to those Character Meet and Greets, it really is such an incredible experience!

3- The Cleanliness- The custodial and housekeep staff at Disney are top notch in my opinion. From the hotel rooms, to the parks and even the bathrooms, it really is such a clean and welcoming environment. Also, it is super neat to watch them make pictures with their brooms on the ground, they are true artists!!

4- The Experience- My husband and I have 3 little girls and we have taken them to Disney ever since they were born! We have experienced Disney from ages 0-9 so far with children. I have to say, there has not been a trip that has been bad. In fact, each year we leave thinking that was ‘the best one ever’! I am a believer that you can find the beauty in every age when it comes to Disney. I joke with my husband (not really, I actually mean it) saying that we will be 80 years old and traveling together as pass holders! Kids of all ages are welcome and celebrated!!

5- The Attractions- Disney attractions and rides are incredible!! I have my favorites, of course, that I can’t wait to go back and visit each year and I also look forward to the new and upcoming ones! There is just something special about taking your children on the same rides that you went on as a kid. Experiencing Disney though the eyes of a child is ‘magical’.

There are many other reasons to visit Disney World, but those are definitely my top choices! If you or your family is thinking of traveling to Disney, contact me! I would love to help your family experience the same beauty and wonder that my family does each year!

101-Vacations Travel Agent: Kerra Johnson,

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