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Destination Weddings

It’s Engagement Season!

Did you know that Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are the most popular days of the year to pop the big question? Once you are engaged, the next two questions are: when are you getting married and where? Then panic sets in. Don’t worry, I am here to help. My suggestion is to consider a destination wedding.

Destination weddings are a combo wedding, vacation and honeymoon all rolled into one. Imagine getting married on a beach with warm breezes, palm trees and the sound of water lapping the shores. Imagine having the services of a professional wedding planner to take care of all your details and imagine sharing this with family and friends by your side. Well, imagine no more!

I have a simple step-by-step process that helps us keep everything in order and keep you stress free. We start by talking and here are our starting talking points. What is your dream? What is important to you and your guest? What is your budget? From there, the fun begins. I do all the leg work for you, connecting with vendors, looking at included options, legal requirements, and then making recommendations that fit what you are looking for.

For many couples, cost is a major fact. When you compare the costs of a traditional wedding and reception to that of a destination venue, the destination wedding wins hands down. For many resorts, a basic wedding is complimentary when you book your stay there. I have had brides do the basic wedding and brides who add on all the extras because whatever you can dream, these resorts can do it for you. Their job is to make your wedding dreams come true.

One of the most important elements a good travel agent can bring to the table is working with the guests so the couple doesn’t have to. My job is to ensure everyone gets booked, paid for, has the proper documents, and is well educated and ready to have an amazing experience. Your agent also works as a liaison between the resort and the couple to ensure good communication, timeliness with important dates and making sure everything on the list is completed. It’s our job.

Over the years, I have worked with couples to help find the perfect location for their special day. I carefully listen to everything they want so we can narrow down the options. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to destination weddings. There are a number of factors we look at including all-inclusive amenities, extras and of course pricing for the guests. For some children’s programs are a must, for others the nightlife is a huge factor and for many, it is all of the above. The amount of information and the choices are endless so that is where expertise and experience comes in. Unfortunately there is so much information out there that lots of it is inaccurate. My job is to work through the information and make sure each couple has the wedding of their dreams, that their guests have an amazing fun filled experience and everyone leaves happy, relaxed and basking in the joy of the wedding.

When you are ready to start planning your destination wedding, let’s chat. I would love to help make all your dreams come true. Contact me at or 616-745-0437.

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