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Disney Cruising- Not Just for Kids

Every time I tell people that my husband and I are going on a Disney Cruise, I get all sorts of comments and funny looks. “Isn’t that just for kids?” “Why would you go without kids?” “Aren’t there kids everywhere?” It’s actually not hard to explain, particularly if you are a Disney fan. It really comes down to three things: Disney experience, Disney touches and Disney service.

The Disney experience is something that can’t be quantified. You can’t put your finger on it, it just happens. I often call it the Disney bubble. It’s Walt’s dream, a place where families of any configuration can gather together, enjoy time with each other and escape from the reality of the world. Life can be rough, but not in the Disney bubble. In the bubble, there are no deadlines orbills; you have family time and relaxation. For adults on a Disney cruise, it means that you can do whatever you wish, whenever you want. And, there is no shortage of adult activitiesto experience. The adults only pool is quiet, relaxing and a drink with an umbrella is always nearby. The entertainment is Broadway quality, giving you something special every night. Dinner is a table for two with a server who knows to have your iced tea or glass of wine waiting for you and remembers that special appetizer you liked from last night and brings it to you even though, it’s not on the menu. And the evening entertainment can be hanging out in the sports bar, playing board games, catching a comedian for an adults only show, or grabbing a drink on deck and enjoying the shine of the moon on the open water.

Disney touches are everywhere on a cruise. You find hidden Mickeys in the shower tile, characters roaming around on deck, Cinderella sitting on the ground to speak eye to eye with a child, the list is huge. In many places they are so subtle you don’t know that they are there. It’s a world class ocean liner with a little magic everywhere. Disney touches are more than the physical elements, it’s the overall ambience of the cruise. Disney understands that this is your vacation and you are not a number. It is all about having experiences and making memories and it shows. From the moment you pull up to the cruise dock, you know that this cruise is going to be different! You are welcomed as if you are a friend and Mickey is waiting to greet you inside the terminal. There is excitement everywhere. When you board the ship, you are announced as if you are royalty. The crew is there in the foyer, ready to help you. Everything is about YOU. I appreciate that there are plenty of adult only experiences and I never felt I had to compromise while selecting my activities.  

Service is second to none on a Disney cruise. From your stateroom host to your dining servers, everyone is focused on making your vacation special. I always appreciate how Disney takes care of families and engages children in the dining room, but it is equally amazing with adults. Our servers quickly caught onto our pace and worked with our relaxing, no problem attitude. I love that one’s needs are anticipated, which is a sign of great service. Legendary Disney service is everywhere and that makes an adults only cruise incredibility special.

Did I miss my kids? Yes.   But it’s nice to experience an adulttrip with a cruise line known for attention to detail and service. Did kids bother us? No.   Disney does such a great job engaging kids in wonderful programs that we never felt as if we were out of place not having them with us.

If you are a Disney fan, consider a Disney cruise, with or without children. When you are standing on your private veranda enjoying the sunrise or the sun set on the horizon with the one you love, you’ll thank me.

Cyndy is one of our amazing specialists with many years of experience in the industry.  She is married and has raised 2 grown sons (who are also Disney lovers).  Good job Mom.  You may reach cyndy at

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